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Townhouse14 is a fully renovated Park Slope Brooklyn 1887 brick townhouse for a family of 4; open and semi-closed spaces accommodate a varied set of activities with a focus on large and small dinner/social gatherings. Green elements include multi-layer insulation and vapor/air
barriers, multi zone/multi system hvac including low temp hw radiation, stack ventilation, triple glazing, Energy Star equipment, LED fixtures, rear yard southern shading per bamboo landscape, solar pv and pre-heat systems, rain/roof water drains to drywells.
Brooklyn townhouse new windows.jpg
Brooklyn townhouse LED entry.jpg
perforated steel gate vestibule.jpg
Park Slope townhouse vestibule.jpg
Brooklyn townhouse open space.jpg
Contemporary geometry
Brooklyn townhouse window wall.jpg
Brooklyn polished concrete floor
Evening lighting
Evening Bedroom area lighting
Park Slope bath interior
2nd floor multi-use space
fav02 elf
Townhouse color resin panels
Townhouse bedroom color
Townhouse cellar bath
Brooklyn townhouse wet bath
Brooklyn townhouse steel artwall
Brooklyn townhouse rear yard
Townhouse renovated entry
Lighting use various LED fixtures for welcome when return home.
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