Traditional 02

New steel posts reinforce the stair floor opening above, and contrast the original refinished stair and railing details.

Traditional 03

An extensive Hall/balcony wrapping the chandelier provides a choice of paths to bring you the the front deck overlooking the Bay for morning coffee, or to Bedrooms and Den

Traditional- New Construction

Forms, shapes and values are reduced to the essentials for a calm, gracious room.

Traditional- strict axial organization

Diagrammatic axis' organize the floor plan with windows as the end points.


An iconic, classic winding, gracious staircase is the welcoming gesture for this Hillside residence.

Traditional- stair finishes

Wood paneling transitions the open stair to the lower floor's new character.

Classic dark stain and white paint values create a surprisingly active environment.

Traditional- old and new

Existing woodwork was stripped in place and restored, a new toilet shape contrasts with the 120 yr old stair installation.

Traditional- eclectic character

Existing trims' shapes and profiles are used to form a contemporary, bright entrance in this Townhouse.

Traditional- Existing plaster ceiling trims are retained, and contrast with new simple, stained elem
Traditional textures

Traditional Eastern materials provide a sense of time at the stair landing.

Traditional- Existing plaster, ceiling trims are repaired and create a spatial definition for the diverse cabinetry and Kitchen activities at this unique Townhouse location

Traditional forms

Contrast with contemporay, flowing geometries to ascend the stair to dedicated Home Office spaces.

Traditional- Dtl 02a-refinish exist wood

New exposed steel H-shaped posts reinforce the existing floor framing and contrast with the original refinished original stair railing; the sharp, angular sheetrock surfaces of a new toilet/pantry element provides a separate, neutral reference to the exposed floor joists and refinished original fir floor; the existing mahogany door is stripped, refinished and used with sliding track operation.