Stair and ceiling details

The unfinished steel tube railing, perforated steel panels and stained lumber stair create simple enclosure and a rich textural composition; overlapping shadows create unique, changing patterns.

Daylight privacy

This toilet/powder room uses a large, translucent insulated window for soft, colorful changing reflections through the day; it is a casement unit which swings inside for cleaning.

Restaurant mirror reference

A suspended, adjustable wall mirror uses bronze mirror to provide changing perspectives and daylight reflections for kitchen prep and dining, it is similar as found in a nearby neighborhood restaurant.


This separate pantry space provides generous organization and simple, quick selection.


This bath's colorful tile was selected by the kids at the tile showroom; an operable casement window provides borrowed daylight and fresh air directly.


Recessed stainless shelving stores a generous quantity of shampoos, soaps, towels, morning coffee, sunlight and is protected from the showerheads' rainfalls.


A variety of finish textures, refinished original subfloor, recessed fixtures, and simple cabinetry are used in this renovated bath on the front wall of this Brooklyn Rowhouse.


A full width glass awning (with an insulated, thermally broken glazing detail) and a separate, adjacent operable skylight provide changing daylight and ventilation for this parlor floor corner toilet.

Skylight at night

A concealed color changing LED fixture in the skylight port provides a variable ceiling composition at night.

DTL 10

A low recessed step light provides subtle evening illumination at both faces of the sliding resin panels of this bedroom.


Flat cold rolled steel panels are recessed at an existing floor where previous partitions were removed in this renovated Townhouse' 2nd floor.


A large "windoor" (window/door) provides abundant ventilation and entrance to a private deck and plants for morning coffee; as well as simple access for skylight cleaning.


Rough late 1800's floor joists and new steel panels which have acquired the "blued" finish of fabrication contrast the sleek, organic fiberglass and surprisingly comfortable seating.


Intersecting elements and textures guide the ceiling composition through the bedroom space to the end wall and daylight and nature.


An additional swinging panel at the recessed cabinet provides a clearer picture for the morning's preparations.


The bath's skylight compliments the feeling of passing time created by the classic marble installed with modern proportions and tinted glass.


Hockey goal netting has been repurposed below the stair stringers to provide peace of mind regarding young children learning to walk, and remaining open for a visual lightness.

Stair details

A simple carpentry stair passes steel bookshelves and handrail, decorative tile and rift oak finish cabinets in this quiet cellar area.


Multiple coatings allow the brick to be waterproof in this Townhouse shower area, as well as stainless steel, chrome and coated steel fixtures throughout; a "borrowed daylight" interior window informs the morning shower of the unfolding day.

Borrowed daylight

This toilet door with white laminate door lites gently illuminates the Stair Hall with borrowed daylight.

Cellar sunken garden

A below grade garden void provides quiet secret space for a cellar's pandemic' work zone, and abundant fresh air.

Stair details

Checkered steel plates simply conceal dimmable recessed light fixtures, and contrast the backlit resin stair risers


Autumn leaves collect on a combination interior skylight/exterior awning to provide seasonal references.

DTL 32
Stair Dtl 33

Meticulous painting of the steel components highlight the treads' and platforms' finish


A simple reading/seating nook provides quick reference of cooking and art monographs; breezes enter from the operable skylight above.

dtl Bath 19

A beautiful, practical porcelain tile supplied by Porcelanosa is used consistently through-out in this modest Townhouse renovation at baths and kitchen walls, floors, counter splashes

Condominium roof deck

A simple weathering gray cedar canopy provides a sense of familiar enclosure at a Condominium's new roof deck; the triangular geometry gently accommodates the modest scale and focus the vista to Manhattan towers.

Garden lighting

A 10ft long cantilevered light beam puts LED downlights over the seating area for this rear yard garden in an uncluttered manner.